Going through all the changes of pregnancy was a time of reflection and integration for me.

I reflected on all the milestones I had reached, how my body has transformed into a vessel of creation, and meditated on the overall emotional and spiritual journey.

As I reflected on all of this, I also remembered a time when I really loathed my body.


I was at war with HER.

I judged her.
I criticized her.
I abused of her.
I always wanted her to be different.
I resented her for not conforming to my then idea of beauty.

I even wished away my womanhood.
I hated getting my painful period.
I didn’t want to deal with it.

I wanted to be “strong”, like a man.
I wanted to be tough and independent, like a man.
I misused my masculine energy to overpower, control and dominate.


But, there was a big price to pay.

I disconnected from the true wisdom of my body, of my feminine intuition and the power of my womb.

We, as women, all possess these gifts.

But if we’re at war with any part of ourselves, we deny divine light to flow through us.

This sacred feminine flow of light and energy helps to heal, impact, and inspire you!

When you’re tapped in, you begin to harness your true feminine power.
And, there in lies the magic of it all.

When I finally retired my all out assault and began to honor her, she, my body, became my greatest ally.

And I believe wholeheartedly the same can happen for you.
Because she always knows best for you and she wants you to WIN!

She wants you to have all that your heart desires and when treated with love and gratitude, she absolutely responds in kind.

I offer you this practice in support of your body, as your greatest ally.

As mothers, the more we can cultivate this relationship, the better we can teach our children about the wisdom of their bodies.


~~ Today’s Feminine Power Practice ~~

Take a moment to reflect.
Notice where you have been at war or less than kind to your body, the sacred temple of your soul.

It might be something small…
It might be something more severe…

Breathe deeply.
Allow in some forgiveness and compassion for her and for yourself.

Today, you get to start over.
Today, you get to start anew.

Reflect on one kind offering you can give her.
Receive as she responds in kind with gratitude.

Your body and all her wisdom is ready, to serve you, as your greatest ally!

Until soon…

With love + gratitude,