What do you most want right now ?


Maybe it’s greater love with a life partner…

Maybe it’s to get pregnant and have a baby…

Maybe it’s a new career or purpose in your life…

Maybe it’s to finally pay off that loan…


Whatever it is, I’ve not met a woman so far who did not want something for her life.



Because desire is a part of being human.


However, I’ve often found myself in conflict with this wanting.

I call it The Desire Paradox.


As a student and teacher of yoga and eastern philosophy, on one hand many teachings describe desire as the source of suffering- that when we cease to desire, we free ourselves and exist in a state of peace.


So people go off to ashrams, spend years meditating and engaging in deep inner work (myself included) to release themselves of desire and the ever grasping mind and ego that attaches itself to desire and outcome.


The dilema is….


While these soul searching journeys have real merit, many times people come back and find themselves facing the same demons and desires they originally tried to separate themselves from.


So…after my own extensive inner journey, I propose a third option for the feminine spirituality paradigm.


Desire fully << ~ >> Detach from outcome


As women, what happens when we want something so badly and desperately, we tense up and burn out.

Our bodies constrict.

Our cycles stop their natural flow.

Our face, jaw, back, stomach and even our vaginas tighten up!

And I assure you, none of these are meant to be tight.

Certainly not our intimate lady parts.


Ultimately, we block the very creative energy source that is needed to manifest what our heart desires most.

When we soften, open up and receive, we harness our true feminine power that is not one of force or depletion to our vital energy.

After a weekend long training in Hypnobirthing with my hubby, I’m reminded of the power of softness and openness.

I know it can seem counter intuitive as we’re often bombarded by images of power equating to strength and force.

But a woman who softens and opens up her entire body so another human being may pass through is anything but weak.

No ma’am!

She is a powerful force to be reckoned with.


ALL of us women by our very nature have the ability to tap into the power of softening and opening to receive.


So, what do you most want right now?

Where can you lean into and nurture that desire with softness?

While letting there be space between your desire and the outcome…


I invite you to take 10 minutes now to journal and reflect on this.

This practice alone will open up your awareness and guide you into greater spaciousness, ease and joy!

When you lean into your softness, you harness more of your true power and become a creative force for manifestation.

Try it out and see for yourself.

Please share your insights in the comments below!