Just like them, you too can feel your best !

“Thank you Tisha for everything you have helped me go through and for creating such an important space.”

Edna Cochez
Mother, Chef + Owner, The Panama Baking Factory

“The results were extraordinary- I feel more grounded and confident in my various roles, my body feels and looks strong, I have a sense of overall well being, and I find myself smiling and laughing more often.”

Melissa R.
Loving Mother, Wife and Teacher

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Working with Tisha has opened so many possibilities for me as a woman, mother of four, and as a teacher.

I am so grateful to her for sharing with me her experience, wisdom, and peaceful nature. We connected at just the right moment in my life.

I had allowed stress to get the better part of me and I fell into a cycle of chronic pains and illness. She allowed me to see the importance of taking time to nurture myself- my mind, body and spirit so that I could begin to regain balance in my life.

Through her coaching and guidance we identified and focused on the areas of my life that needed closer attention.

As a teacher, I hope to transfer many of those experiences with my wonderful group of students, and I am very curious to see the ripple effect this will have.

“Working with Tisha has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my overall well being. I look forward to taking all my personal experience sharing it with others along my journey.”

Ana Maria Castaño
Mother + CEO, Trade Marketing Partners

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I experienced many positive changes working with Tisha. I learned how to really understand my body more deeply, to nurture my body with the attention and nutrients it needs, and to connect with my own intuition.

I have been much more conscious of my food choices and have obtained tools and learned ways to cook!Before I didn’t spend much time inthe kitchen at all.I also now really enjoy taking care of myself in a holistic way.

Keeping my total body, mind, and spirit connection strong has been essential in reducing the migraines that I used to suffer from for many years.

Yoga and meditation are key practices that support me.

“Tisha knows how to dig deep and get to the root of what’s really going on so you can release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me release blocks and behavioral patterns so I can create space for bigger and better things in my life.”

Nicole Jardim
Certified Women’s Health + Functional Nutrition Coach

“Being in the presence of Tisha is what it feels like to be unconditionally loved and FULLY believed in.

She has a calmness and feminine wisdom to her that is impossible to put into words.”

Jessica McCleskey Hood
Creator of Moon Goddess Miracles

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“Working with Tisha was destined to happen. The moment I clicked over to her website, I felt an instant connection with her energy. Being in the presence of Tisha is what it feels like to be unconditionally loved and FULLY believed in.


She has a calmness and feminine wisdom to her that is impossible to put into words. After my intensive with her, I took away some tools that continue to support me in my work and life tremendously. Tisha has taught me to use more of my intuition in my sessions with my clients.

I cannot speak highly enough of what a difference this has made. I trust myself more. My business has taken off tremendously because I now navigate my business via the layers of my powerful femininity.

In addition, I respect the wisdom of my moon cycle and work with this energy to build my business. I feel a powerful calm with my business which is allowing the abundance to flow in. Tisha is gifted.

Her high intuition paired with her in-touch yin energy made me feel more empowered and centered than I have ever experienced.”

Not only is she there for me but she always gives me her honest truth and lovingly “nudges” me in the right direction. I trust my soul-sister Tisha wholeheartedly and look up to her as an expert in her field. She is pure brilliance.

Jill Shapiro
Certified Health Coach

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Tisha is wise beyond her years. Her passion for helping women with such sensitive subjects is incredibly inspiring and she is ALWAYS there for me giving me guidance on any “lady” questions I have.
“I had felt disoriented for a long time and was in search of someone who could help me gain clarity. I knew the root of my situation was something spiritual and emotional. Yet manifested in eating disorder, disorganization of my time, work and communication problems. I now feel happy and more balanced than ever, motivated to go forth with what I envision for my life!”

Irene Antonioni
Loving Mother + Fitness Instructor

“Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering.

She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.”

Jimena Mosquera
Mother + Founder of Birth Yourself First

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Birthing myself first from fear back to love has been my mission and passion and I am eternally grateful for her sisterhood and guidance along the way.
“What I appreciate most about Tisha is that she respects my own pace in a way that is flexible and without judgement.

Working together has truly been a transformative experience that has helped keep me on my path.”

Ana Elisa Villalaz
Director of Logros, Center for Integrative Therapy

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“Working with Tisha has reawakened my interest in going further within myself and understanding my relationship with all forms of nourishment. Through this I have discovered a whole new world of possibilities and many new things have opened up to me.”
“She gave me guidance and the gentle push I needed that helped me to develop and launch my new business venture.

Tisha also helped me to improve my interpersonal relationships and I’m deeply grateful for all her support and guidance.”

Gimena de Alba
Personal Style Coach + Certified intenSati Instructor

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Tisha is an incredible coach and teacher. Being on this journey together with her was a truly enriching experience in my life.

I was able to reconnect with feminine energy and my menstrual cycle after an absentee period for months. I learned how to be more compassionate with my body and myself.

“She gave me invaluable tools to work on each layer of my being that I discovered along the way.

Without a doubt, an incredible experience that I am grateful for having had and has led me to reconnect with my heart and manifest much of what I had only dreamed of.”

Monica Cantillo
Certified Health Coach

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My year long journey with Tisha represented a real awakening of consciousness for me that brought value to my life in the areas of my nutrition, regulating my menstrual cycle, my interaction with others, my self esteem.

I once again awoken my curiosity and desire to launch new personal projects that had seemed forgotten and to I again took up activities that feed my soul.

Tisha became a great ally with whom I could fully count on during this important process.

“Tisha’s presence and acceptance always allow me to feel held in sacred space, where the nonessential in life melts away. Her devotion to her work and her own journey has been a beautiful example of courage for me.”

Paula Orozco
Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master Teacher