Only when we step out of our comfort zone do we move closer towards our greatest potential and true creative power.

However, even in moments of discomfort from growth, we can still lean into enjoyment.

For me these days, this includes stretching out on my yoga mat, dancing with my little girl to our favorite hits, going for a walk in nature and weekend family outings.

I offer you this practice today in support of leaning into your own pleasure.

As mothers, the more we cultivate our own experience of pleasure, the better we serve as an example of it to our children.

~~ Today’s Feminine Power Practice ~~

If and when you’re going through a hard time, or feeling the discomfort of your situation, I assure you that you have it in you to keep going, to “stretch” into your full potential.

As a woman, you have the advantage.
You are actually designed for this.

So, despite whatever discomfort you’re present to, I invite you to take a moment to think about where you can lean into the enjoyment and pleasure of your life?

Notice where you’re holding your attention.
Shift your focus.

Is it something small?
Buying yourself fresh flowers…

Is it something bigger?

Whatever it is for you, I promise that it supports you as you explore beyond your comfort zone, when you are being stretched and expanded into your greatness.


Please share your insights in the comments below!