Empress Rising


A 6-month 1:1 Initiation of

Empowered Motherhood

If you’ve arrived here, trust that your inner guidance is leading you to the right place for your highest good.

This is actually the first step of initiating into an empowered role, as a woman and a mother.

Trusting in yourself.


However, it’s understandable if it doesn’t feel comfortable or natural at first.

When you become a mother, you are catapulted into a vast ocean of feelings and emotions.

Your time and daily life are now completely shared with another human being for whom you are responsible for. You’re trying to get your footing with each unpredictable day.

Being a mother is a great honor.

It is also overwhelming and exhausting. You may feel lost and confused You may feel lonely and isolated. We, mothers, have all felt the burn out.

The brokenness. The misery and sheer exhaustion. The feeling of not wanting to do it anymore. And the resentment of giving so much but not refilling our own cup.



In order for new energy to come forth, often times something old must be released to create that space.

As a result, from this new space, you can rise and nurture your own dreams and desires, just as you nurture and care for your child.

From this space, you can be the most connected, compassionate and patient mother with your child.

For nearly a decade, I have been working with highly motivated women, helping them to harness their true power, create the life they most desire and to feel their magical best!

What they all have in common, and what I suspect you do as well, is that they were all ready to make things better for themselves.

They brought their 100% to the process.

They felt vulnerable. Perhaps even wounded.

But they also possessed an extraordinary amount of determination, courage and confidence in knowing that where there was a will, there was a way.

They knew this was a journey of both the mind and the soul and they were prepared to use all of their intellect and intuition to stand in their full graceful strength.

“Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering. She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.”


Jimena Mosquera, Founder of Birth Yourself First

“Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering. She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.”

Jimena Mosquera, Mother + Founder of Birth Yourself First


  • To become intimate with and truly understand the woman you are becoming now.
  • To get clear on what your greatest needs are.
  • To find your voice and speak your truth.
  • To honor your experience and wisdom and how they guide you.
  • To raise your vibration and master managing your energy.


Embodying the Empress energy affords you the ability to rule over your inner world with complete sovereignty.

Regardless of whatever stressful event comes your way, you are equipped to maintain your center, your groundedness, and your inner peace.

Each woman rises to her own unique challenge.

She is the heroine of her own story.

She returns home, to her heart and to her soul, and rightfully claims her true power.



Connection:  You connect with your children more and are able to better navigate emotional storms

Creativity:  You create beauty and brilliance in your life

Well-Being:  Your body is more resilient and your mind more relaxed

Confidence:  You make more grounded, confident decisions

Magic:  You’re tapped into your motherly intuition and magic

Intimacy:  Your relationship and intimate life dramatically improve!

“The results were extraordinary- I feel more grounded and confident in my various roles, my body feels and looks strong, I have a sense of overall well being, and I find myself smiling and laughing more often.”

Melissa R., Mother, Wife + Teacher


This is about owning your full potential to care for yourself, your family, your work and your community.

Without being trapped in a scarcity and sacrifice mindset.

This also means, you are a leader.

Because you are leading by your example.

And as a leader, you need to release what does not serve you and embody your full power.



The Empress takes full responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions.

She does not get pulled into complaints, blame or guilt.

Because she knows that only from this place does she rule her inner world.

The Empress shows up 100% and embraces her ability to shift her state of being to what best suits her needs and desires, while still holding a profound space of love and compassion for others.

She steps up and into the container of power and possibility.

She is connected to both the seen and unseen realms.

The Empress knows that the right people and opportunities will cross her path and she calls them in without hesitation and as needed.

If this resonates with you, then you are activating your Empress energy!

Trust that your inner guidance is leading you to the right place to serve your highest good.

I am here to champion you.

I see you only as victorious and sovereign.

Let’s journey together and help you to feel your absolute best!

“Working with Tisha has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my overall well being. I look forward to taking all my personal experience sharing it with others along my journey.”

Ana Maria Castaño, Mother + CEO, Trade Marketing Partners

What you can expect during our time together:

  • 12 one-hour private sessions by Skype / Telephone for six months.Typically twice a month.
  • Flexible email & text support in between sessions.
  • Guided intuitive meditations and visualizations that will raise your vibration and ignite your inner power.
  • Specific recommendations and practices to implement in between sessions.
  • High quality gifts and surprises to support you along your transformational journey.
  • Unconditional love, devotion and guidance to support you in feeling empowered!

Once you apply, your application will be reviewed.

If accepted, you’ll be contacted to schedule a brief call and ensure the energies are aligned.  Applying does not obligate you to join the program.

Spots are limited. 

Trust your inner guidance.

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