Behind -The -Scenes

A Powerful Experience To Reveal What Is Holding You Back From Feeling Your Absolute Best.

If you’ve arrived here, then trust that deep down, you know that something needs your attention.

But you’re just not getting to it.  

It’s understandable.

Each day, as the Supermom that you probably are, you’re doing a million things and going faster than a speeding bullet in the hustle and craziness of everyday life. There’s getting kids ready for school. There are emails and work to tend to.

There are household issues to handle. The list goes on… But when you get a minute to come up for air, you’re present to this nagging feeling that leaves you unsettled.  

Maybe you’re not connecting with your kids. Maybe your relationship with your partner is sorely missing some quality time. You know what I mean.

Maybe the same difficult situation keeps coming up and it’s driving your crazy. Maybe you just know that something is off, but can’t put your finger on it exactly…



There are amazing effects we see in movies that have a multitude of things going on behind-the-scenes that the audience is completely unaware of. 

And just like in these movies, there are many conditions and programs running the “movie of your life” that you don’t even realize are in play.  


Why is this?

We, humans are complex and sophisticated.

Scholars compare the human unconscious mind to that of an iceberg.

The biggest and most powerful part of the mass lies beneath the surface, while just a small tip is exposed above.

Yet, the unconscious resources are what support and help shape our awareness.

All of your thoughts, feelings and memories are stored in the subconscious, and are responsible for helping you achieve an overall state of well-being.  


For nearly a decade, I have been working with highly motivated women, helping them to harness their true power, create the life they most desire and to feel their magical best.

What they all have in common, and what I suspect you do as well, is that they were all ready to make things better for themselves.

They brought their 100% to the process.

They felt vulnerable. Perhaps even wounded.

Yet, they knew the answers lived within.

They could feel something tugging at them. 

They just needed the right guidance to navigate their inner world, step by step.

“Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering. She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.”

  Jimena Mosquera, Founder of Birth Yourself First

““Tisha knows how to dig deep and get to the root of what’s really going on so you can release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me release blocks and behavioral patterns so I can create space for bigger and better things in my life.”

Nicole Jardim, Certified Women’s Health + Functional Nutrition Coach


  • To not bypass your intuition that knows something needs your immediate attention
  • To reveal what is currently most hidden in your blind spot
  • To get to the root of the unsettling matter
  • To gain clarity that empowers you to heal and transform from within
  • To finally begin to feel your magical best and enjoy the positive ripple effect in your life


Well-Being:  Your body is more resilient. Your mind is more relaxed. You even sleep better!

Confidence:  You feel more sure of yourself, and clear in your decisions and actions.

Connection:  You connect with your children more and are better able to navigate the ups and downs.

Creativity:  You shine. People are intrigued. You create beauty and brilliance!

Magic:  You feel renewed and more open to the magic of everyday life!

Intimacy:  Your relationship and intimate life dramatically improve!

“I trust myself more. My business has taken off tremendously because I now navigate my business via the layers of my powerful femininity. Her high intuition made me feel more empowered and centered than I have ever experienced.”

Jessica McCleskey Hood, Creator of


When you watch an action-packed movie on the big screen, there are many things happening at once, right? That means your eye can not capture all of it. And you often miss out on a good amount of what’s happening.  

But, if you watched the movie in slow-mode, still by still, you would have the time to actually see much more. 

This same concept applies to your life. As you hustle through your busy day, you’re not capturing all of the small nuances that are very important to creating the scene. 

Only when you are guided to slow down and tune into what is happening inside you, are you able to gain the clarity that you need to make a significant and positive shift.

Because as we all know, when mama feels good, everything is better!

It’s very common to be deeply involved in your own life and therefore unable to see the whole picture of what is happening.

I am here to be your guiding light.

I use my innate ability to see what is hidden in your blind spot.

I use my clairaudience to “hear” what is not being said. What lingers in the silence of suffering.

I tap into my intuition to zone right in on what is yearning for your immediate attention to help make things better and feel your magical best!


Going “behind-the-scenes” is a step towards breaking cycles of unconscious behavior that disempower you.

It is rising up from victimhood, silencing and shaming. It’s putting an end to bypassing your wise intuition and gut feelings. It’s making confident, grounded decisions for the well-being of yourself and your family.

As you master your own inner power and resources, you can better teach your children how to do the same. And passing on this wisdom is invaluable!

I am here to champion you.

I see only your full potential and greatness. My role is to usher you into this pivotal space of power and transformation.

Let’s go behind-the-scenes and put you in the Director’s chair!

“Working with Tisha has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my overall well being. I look forward to taking all my personal experience sharing it with others along my journey.”

Ana Maria Castaño, Mother + CEO, Trade Marketing Partners

This powerful intensive session includes:

  • Half day transformational experience by Skype (3 hours)
  • One, 30 minute follow-up session. Typically 2 weeks later. (This gives you the chance to absorb + integrate after the intensive and ask any questions that may come up)
  • Guided in-session intuitive meditation and visualization revealing what you most need to know right now- activating your inner power.
  • Specific actionable items, recommendations and practices to implement
  • Unconditional love, devotion and guidance to get you on track to feeling your magical best!


Investment: $2,497 or three payments of $847

Once you apply, your application will be reviewed.

If accepted, you’ll be contacted to schedule a brief call and ensure the energies are aligned.  Applying does not obligate you to have the session.

Spots are limited for 2018. 

Trust your inner guidance.

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