Being a mother is one of the most magical experiences on earth.

However, becoming a mother does not come with a how-to manual.  

A second baby experience might be completely different than the first.

Each phase of your child’s development is unique and different.


Mothers are challenged with dealing with a multitude of changes in their bodies, their emotions and their lives.

There is so much mothers aren’t told or taught. The oral tradition of story-telling has faded in our modern day times.

Mothers are not mothering in community as they once did in village culture.

The reality is mothers find themselves often times alone, trying to figure things out by trial and error.

They push through the day depressed, frustrated, and try to juggle everything and everyone else’s needs.

This hardly leaves time and space for mothers to unwind, connect and give to herself.

A practice that is critical for well-being.


My own experience of being a mother has been a full, mixed bag of emotions and experiences.

I would not trade the honor of raising my little girl for anything.

As a mother, I have seen the full potential of my body, my energy and my true power.

I literally feel as though I, or perhaps my energy has “died” and risen again many, many times.


I call this my Empress energy.

The Empress archetype is the perfect energy and guiding light for mothers drowning in overwhelm and frustration.

Because embodying the Empress energy offers you a life of empowered motherhood.


But, what does this even mean?

Aligning with the Empress offers you complete rule over your inner world.

You can better navigate emotional storms, low energy points, and the craziness of everyday life.

You take full ownership of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Because the Empress knows that from this place, true power rises.


I have experienced firsthand and through my work with many others, that the minute you step into blame, shame, or even guilt, you leak your vital energy.

You lose your power and all goes spiraling down.

And the worst part is, your children are affected by your state of being.

They are wise and can pick up on what is not being said.


When aligned with your Empress energy…

If you feel that you have been deceived or wronged, then you speak your truth.

If you feel that you have been convinced of something out of alignment with you, then you honor your wisdom.

If you feel unhealthy and burned out, then you focus on yourself. 

You live from a place where you’re tapped into your intuition as a navigation system for making decisions and taking action.


Because caring for others always starts with caring for yourself first.

Even giving just 5 minutes to yourself will make a world of positive difference.

Then, you build from there. Step by step.

Soon, you’ll be on your way to feeling your magical best!


These are awakened, changing times.

Many perceptive and highly sensitive beings are deeply present to this.

We need unconditional love given to our children, and to ourselves.


Empowered mothers are needed more than ever.

To rise and reclaim their full power and potential.

To light the way for the future generation.


empowering mothers If you are ready to get out of the trenches, rise from the ashes, and reclaim your rightful sovereign power… 

I invite you to learn more about the Empress Rising journey with me.

Now is not the time to bypass your intuition or inner call.

Trust that your guidance is leading you in the right direction.

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