When mama feels good,
everything is better!


Here’s how I can help!

Behind – The – Scenes:

A powerful intensive session to reveal what is holding you back from feeling your magical best.

And, how transform it!


There are amazing effects we watch in the movies that have a multitude of things going on behind-the-scenes that the audience is completely unaware of.

And just like in the movies, there are many conditions and programs running the movie of your life that you don’t even realize are in play.

When you’re not connecting with your kids or partner, when difficult situations are continually repeating themselves, or when you just know something is off, but can’t put your finger on it…


It’s time to go behind-the-scenes.



Empress Rising

A 6 month, 1-on-1 Initiation of Empowered Motherhood.


When you first become a mother, there is so much joy and beauty.

However, if we’re honest, there is also grief and sadness.


You might grieve the loss of your time and personal space.

You might grieve the loss of your body as it changes after childbirth.

You might grieve the loss of who you were before you became a mother.

And maybe you don’t even feel like you know exactly who you are anymore.


When you bring your children into this world, you often times also bring up old wounds that need greater healing.

You bring forth a deep and transformative initiation into complete alignment with your soul, your truth, your creative spirit and authenticity.


But becoming a mother doesn’t come with a How-To Manual.

So where do you turn to?



Limited spots available for 2018.

The Mindful Moms Collective

A group of experience where mothers gather in virtual circle. Because community is everything.


Letting life be real.

Letting life be messy.

Letting life be magical!


Opening Soon!