My Story:

As the only daughter of divorced parents, I saw and lived through the painful and damaging consequences of a husband and wife who had never learned how to communicate consciously. Who either avoided conflict and stayed silent, or the other who lashed out in anger and violence.

As a wife and mother myself, I now champion my own family to understand one another, and to have compassion for ourselves as well as each other.

As a former corporate executive, MBA, and entrepreneur, I have sat across from countless respected (or feared) individuals who were not taught how to nurture relationships, communicate effectively, nor lead by positive example.

However, it’s never too late to learn.

My Approach:


As coach and client, we are both in partnership with each other. We both talk. We both listen. We both fully show up and are ready to do the work.


My coaching style teaches you life-changing concepts and proven techniques by actually experiencing them together. 


My commitment to you is that you feel truly seen, heard, and understood. This is the critical moment of powerful healing and transformation.

Official Bio:

Tisha Lin is an international coach, author, and speaker who has helped transform the lives of countless people for the over a decade.

She is founder and Lead Trainer of the Institute For Elemental Relationships, teaching people across the globe how to go from conflict to thriving in partnership. 

Tisha Lin is also cofounder of the Akila Institute of Wellness, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and member of the International Association of Health Coaches.

She is creator and publisher of the book “For Mothers, By Mothers: 54 Empowering and Diverse Stories About Motherhood from Around the World” and is currently writing her second book.

She resides in beautiful Colorado with her husband and their daughter.

You Don’t Need To Struggle Alone.

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