After years of feeling sick, unhealthy, and depressed, I finally stepped onto a path of healing and wellness that transformed my life forever.

Now, as a mother and certified holistic health coach, I champion others to live their healthiest life!

As Director of the Akila Institute for the last 10 years, I’ve helped countless people in an international community to eat healthier, exercise, cultivate mindfulness, balance hormones and energy levels,┬áimprove the quality of their relationships, and navigate through some of the toughest times of their life.



“For Mothers, By Mothers: 54 Empowering and Diverse Stories about Motherhood from Around the World”

A truly unique book that honors every mother and stage of motherhood.

When mothers feel seen, heard and understood, everybody wins!

Empower moms!

Join the movement.




Melissa R, Loving Mother, Wife +Teacher

The results were extraordinary! I feel more grounded and confident in my various roles. My body feels and looks strong. I have a sense of overall well being, and I find myself smiling and laughing more often.

Jimena Mosquera, Mother + Founder of Birth Yourself First

Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering. She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.┬áI’m eternally grateful for her guidance.

Irene Antonioni, Mother + Fitness Instructor

I had felt disoriented for a long time and was in search of someone who could help me gain clarity. I now feel happy and more balanced than ever, motivated to go forth with what I envision for my life!