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Learn. Heal. Grow.

All in the laboratory of relationships

Conscious Communication:

Put an end to the unconscious cycle of repetitive arguments, heated blow-ups, and toxic resentment.

Empowered in Relationship:

Learn how to speak your truth and honor your needs while healing and growing in the container of relationship. 

Relationship Coaching

For singles, couples, leaders, business associates, and communities ~ become empowered in relationship and grow into greater understanding, fulfillment, and joy.

Conscious Communication and Partner Dialogue

Learn specific communication techniques that effectively foster understanding, empathy, and compassion for yourself and others.

Mother-Child Connection

Communication starts from time we are born. Learn to model behavior for your child and interact with more awareness and true connection that builds long lasting trust between you both.

What Is Empowered Relationship Coaching (ERC)?

The ABC’s. The times tables. We learn this foundational material during our childhood education. But most of us were never taught how to specifically communicate and relate to others with awareness, understanding, and compassion.

The consequence of this is…

We become a population of adults who are unable to resolve conflict and communicate consciously in the workplace, with our partner or spouse, and even with our children. 

This is the basis for Empowered Relationship Coaching (ERC).

ERC does not discriminate and supports individuals of all genders, sexual orientation, and lifestyles.


Who Is Empowered Relationship Coaching (ERC) For?

Empowered Relationship Coaching (ERC) is for you if:

•  You have ever felt attacked in an argument

•  You have felt that you’ve been treated unfairly by another

•  You do not feel seen or understood by your partner or others

•  You avoid difficult issues in your relationship

•  You’re afraid to bring up issues with your partner or unsure about how to start the conversation

ERC is not for the faint heart.  It’s for you if you’re ready to face difficult issues, roll up your sleeves, and do the work while knowing that you are fully supported every step of the way.


Featured in:

“The results were extraordinary with Tisha. I feel more grounded and confident in my various roles and relationships. I have a sense of overall well being, and I find myself smiling and laughing more often.”

Melissa R.Z.

Founder & Co-director, The Shed Panama

“Tisha gave me invaluable tools to work on each layer of myself that I discovered along the way. She led me to reconnect with my heart and manifest much of what I had only dreamed of.”

Monica Cantillo

Positive Habits Coach

“Tisha helped me to improve my interpersonal relationships and I’m deeply grateful for all her support and guidance.”

Gimena De Alba

Personal Style Coach & Manager, Cartier

“Tisha knows how to dig deep and get to the root of what’s really going on so you can release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me release blocks and behavioral patterns so I can create space for bigger and better things in my life.”

Nicole Jardim

Author, "Fix Your Period"

You Don’t Need To Struggle Alone.

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