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In our modern, super busy, overworked times, women are not mothering as much in community as was once done long ago. Sure, we have email, texts and chat groups. But new mothers often find themselves lost in overwhelm and anxiety over all the changes they are facing, both within themselves as well as with their little ones.

Much of the wisdom shared by mothers has lost its’ in-person storytelling format.

There is so much nobody tells you when you become a mother! You’re often times just figuring it out by trial and error.

Here is a chance for you to share a nugget of your experience and motherly wisdom to be passed onto future generations and new mothers. Together, as a community of mothers, we can help put an end to shame, guilt and isolation.

Mothers and Grandmothers, unite and reclaim our connection, strength, compassion and perfect imperfections!

Our book, For Mothers, By Mothers: 108 Stories & Reflections of Wisdom Along The Journey of Motherhood is a living text of encapsulated wisdom and love.

It is a tribute to all loving mothers…past, present and future.

Stories are currently being received on a rolling basis. Once all 108 stories are collected from around the globe, a crowdfunding campaign will be created to support and raise money for the publication cost of the book.

Then, I will donate all net proceeds directly to the fantastic Non Profit, Days For Girls International, who are committed to providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions and women’s health education for every girl and woman.

Get to know them here:

Because it boils down to this…

Empowering and educating young girls about their bodies, their intuition and their intellect fosters self worth, confidence, leadership, and a solid foundation for a better, kinder world for us all. Help make a difference!

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