My Mission

I am here in service of YOU

My mission is that together, we create a world where women’s bodies, intellect and intuition are deeply respected and held sacred.

Various struggles and challenging experiences have led me to where I am today.

Painful periods. Childhood trauma. Date rape. Low self worth. Negative body image. Addictive, destructive behaviors. An overall feeling of not being loved. Lack of practicing self-love. All of these have taught me profound invaluable life lessons. For that, I am truly grateful.

I also know that I am not alone, and neither are you, in any moment of darkness.

I’ve worked with countless women who share many of these same experiences, and whom have healed and restored themselves to wholeness.


As women, we are all connected in the vast collective consciousness and feminine psyche.

Therefore, together, let us create a world where…

~ women always feel safe because violence and abuse are inconceivable

~ both feminine intellect and intuition are fully embraced and integrated into the fabric of our society and leadership

~ young girls are taught by their elders about the importance and mysteries of their body’s wisdom and feminine lifecycle

~ women support one another in community and sisterhood the sacred feminine rites of passage are celebrated and honored – menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and elderhood

About my journey…

From feeling so lost and broken, I’ve restored myself to a great sense of wholeness, and yet the journey continues, as it always does. My commitment is to live and breathe as an embodiment of the sacred feminine- of love and abundance. This is my daily practice. This is my path.

This is why I teach, write, guide, empower, meditate, practice gratitude and ultra self-care.


These practices help me walk my talk as:

a wife and mother,

a heart centered coach,

a passionate yoga teacher,

a lover of nature and animals,

an entrepreneur and creator of community.


What feeds my soul:

Yoga. Meditation. Writing. Dance. Chanting. Music. Nature. Travel. Culinary Arts.


Happy times include:

Teaching. Nurturing. Being out in nature. Reading. Writing. Spending quality time with my beloved hubby, our family and friends.


As women, we are to live in relationship with the sacred feminine- a relationship with our bodies, cycles, inner wisdom, intuition, purpose, passions, nature, community, intimacy and love.

A relationship with the sacred feminine is not a relationship of convenience.It’s about taking steps to cultivate awareness and reverence for all aspects of yourself as a woman.

It’s about each woman finding and formulating her own unique recipe to live with the appropriate amounts of ease, action, connection and flow for her life.


The very foundation of my guidance invites you to connect greater with your body, your relationships, and your entire life.

I guide and empower women in understanding the energetic and spiritual components of hormonal harmony, menstrual and fertility health, conscious conception, pregnancy, natural childtbirth, intimacy and a deeper love.

I teach from the heart womb connection as the center of a woman’s life force.

Join me in creating a world that we, as women, deserve to live in!

Media Bio

Tisha Lin is an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Coach who guides and empowers women in understanding the important role of embodying the scared feminine to promote healthy menstrual cycles, fertility awareness, conscious conception, pregnancy and a deeper love.

She is Creator of the Pleasurable Periods Meditation Program, a graduate of the institute for Integrative Nutrition, a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and certified in Khalsa WayTM Prenatal Yoga. Tisha also provides birth doula and childbirth education services as trained by CAPPA.

Born in the U.S., Tisha has multi-ethnic roots and presently resides in Panama with her daughter, Amanda Devi and beloved husband, Mijael, where together they own the Akila Yoga Institute serving a large international community.

You’ll find her coaching private clients, teaching yoga classes, leading workshops, meditations and guiding sacred women’s circles.

I’d love to hear from you!