The sound of the ocean is so restorative, and the element of water is certainly a healing gift.


I’m just back from the holiday Carnival time in the tropics, but actually escaped the crowds at the beach in Key West for some quiet quality family time.

With all the snow up north this winter, many are longing for that springtime sunshine and and sense of renewal.


As I live and breathe my feminine cycle every day, the beautiful insight I share with you is that you don’t actually have to wait for springtime to renew yourself, to create a fresh start.


It’s a choice, right now.

It’s a decision you can make each day.

It’s an action you can take in each moment.


Whether it’s improving your nutrition, committing to more physical activity, resting when your body needs it, or establishing healthy boundaries to name several examples, you uplevel all of these intentions when you add in one very important piece:




: highly valued and important : deserving great respect


As women, we are to live in relationship with the sacred feminine- a relationship with our bodies, cycles, inner wisdom and intuition, purpose, passions, nature, community, intimacy and love.


And yet a relationship with the sacred feminine is not a relationship of light convenience.

It’s deep and profound.

It’s vast and heart centered.

It’s about ease, connection and flow…


It’s about maximizing the creative bursts and resting in between.

Too much expansive energy burns out.

Too much recoiled energy grows stagnant.


Both are necessary to thrive.


And, we are literally wired as such.

It’s our biology.


There is probably no greater combined physical, emotional and spiritual effort a woman can make than birth another life into this world. It is a rite of passage.

The contractions or more accurate “waves” of energy that rush through her body help send her baby out of her womb and into her arms.

But the key to getting through this labor of love is to take advantage of the restful down times in between each burst and to ride the waves…


Your Sacred Feminine Practice:

Take a moment to consider areas of your life where you would benefit from infusing more sacredness, more reverence.

Where can you honor yourself and life more?

Is it becoming aware of negative thought patterns?

Is it in what you’ve been feeding your body?

Is it where your vital energy gets leaked?


As you become more aware and focus your attention, you open up your channel for a life of greater ease and flow and begin to journey along the Sacred Feminine Path…


Leave your insights in the comments below!