Imagine trying to write coherent sentences, when you’ve never actually learned the alphabet!  Would be pretty hard, right?


This is what it’s like to be a woman who is trying to figure out her irregular periods and other menstrual problems, without ever having learned the ABC’s of her period.

The fundamentals are missing.


I’ve coached many women who have ve shared with me that they never really learned or were taught how their period works.

As a society, these fundamentals are missing in education.

Therefore, many women have very little understanding about their hormones, endocrine system and fertility.

And this can then potentially go on to create a whole host of heartbreaking unnecessary reproductive challenges.


Every time a woman has said to me with complete surprise, “Wow! I never knew that about my period before”, I typically experience two inner reactions:


First, my chest tightens and constricts because it reminds me of how much wisdom has been lost. I see clearly how we, as women, have not formally been taught about our menstrual cycle and fertility health from a young age.

But then, my chest expands and my heart opens because I know that there is an awakening and a shift happening right NOW.


I see how we, as a feminine collective, are re-connecting to our cyclical nature and understanding our bodies in a deeper way.

And this Sister, is laying a new foundation for future generations.

This awakening and paradigm shift is at the heart of my mission and the Pleasurable Periods approach.


Because while your period is an experience of hormonal changes, a physical release, and a cycling of emotions and energy, the deeper meaning is in the  spiritual power of your period.


Get ready for a little woo woo :)

Stay with me…



That’s what I used to say when I’d see blood.

I was super squeamish.

So I understand how many people feel this way.

But when I had had enough of painful periods and decided to explore pleasure and peace in my body, my curious eyes started to look at blood differently.

I now see it as a sign of good health.

I see it as sign of fertility.


The thing is, blood is the source of human LIFE.

Without blood flowing throughout our bodies, we wouldn’t be here.

Without the uterine lining growing, a baby would not be able to develop.

Life would cease to exist.


I started to see my period as my superpower and my feminine intuition opened up like a flood! 

I realized that there was something much more powerful underlying the physical aspect.

I realized that my period was also a spiritual experience.



Your period represents a symbolic death and rebirth.


This reminds of the mythical creature the phoenix.

The phoenix is a magical graceful bird who lives a long life. Once the phoenix has completed its life, it burns itself up in fire, only to be reborn of its own ashes several days later.

Sound kind of familiar?


Like the Rising Phoenix, YOU rise from your own ashes at the end of each period.

You shed your symbolic skin and you are reborn.


Your Sacred Feminine Practice:

I invite you to take 15 minutes now to reflect on your understanding and relationship with your period and feminine cyclical nature.

Where do you feel connected or disconnected?

What have you learned or want to learn more about?

Set these intentions for the cycle.


What are you ready to release?

Make space to be reborn anew.


Leave your insights in the comments below!