Top 5 Ways Women Block Love + Happiness

and how to make sure you're not one of them!

Feeling overworked?

Yearning for love?

Trying to get pregnant?

You’ve arrived at the right place.

Welcome to safe, sacred space!

I GUIDE: Women who are ready for more love, abundance, ease, confidence and the courage to step into their dream life, fully and completely, by reconnecting with their body and harnessing their true feminine power to get what their heart most desires.

Stressed out women who tend to be mind driven typically have relationships that suffer as a result of being disconnected from their bodies and intuition- disconnected from their menstrual cycle, fertility, passions, purpose, business, job, family and intimacy. I help women to reconnect with the body’s inner wisdom.


Women in understanding the energetic and spiritual components of hormonal harmony, menstrual and fertility health, conscious conception, pregnancy, natural birth, intimacy and a deeper love.

Reconnecting with your body’s wisdom helps you to ACCESS:

deeper intuition and clarity

if you’re stuck

love and abundance

in all forms

time, money,

longevity, vitality

fertile feminine energy

that supports conception and pregnancy

losing or gaining weight

if that is what you struggle with


in your body, as a woman, and discovering what that means to you

being comfortable

giving and receiving love, intimacy and abundance

“Tisha is an incredible coach and teacher. Being on this journey together with her was a truly enriching experience in my life. I was able to reconnect with feminine energy and my menstrual cycle after an absentee period for months. I learned how to be more compassionate with my body and myself. She gave me guidance and the gentle push I needed that helped me to develop and launch my new business venture. Tisha also helped me to improve my interpersonal relationships and I’m deeply grateful for all her support and guidance.”

Gimena de Alba

Personal Style Coach Certified intenSati Instructor

“Tisha has held a sacred space for me for the last few years through all my transitions from my pregnancies to mothering. She has been one of my most special guides holding a nurturing, inviting, nonjudgmental torch that invites me each time to come more into my light.Birthing myself first from fear back to love has been my mission and passion and I am eternally grateful for her sisterhood and guidance along the way.”

Jimena Mosquera

Founder of Birth Yourself First

All of your answers live within.

However, if you are at war with or resisting a part of you, then you are denying divine light to flow through you, restore you, impact and inspire you.

If you are not listening, you perpetuate the struggle that often shows up as minor intolerances that fester and worsen until years go by and it’s what has become your life.

It’s not just in a book, a class, or even in a trusted mentor, your answers are within you but you can’t access them if you are not connected to your body and intuition.

The time to reconnect to your body’s wisdom and get what your heart most desires is NOW.


Come on in…